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You live in the province of Quebec and you want a nice and unique tattoo done by a real artist? See you in Thetford at Côtyne Tattoo.

Côtyne welcomes you in his tattoo parlor for all your tattoo projects: cover up, enhancement, or new tattoo. From your ideas and your desires, she creates a tattoo that suits you perfectly and that is completely personalized.

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Custom project

Projet personnalisé

A tattoo is for life. Therefore, looking for something that represents you and that you really like is quite normal. That special something, you’ll find it at L’Espace Côtyne Tattoo.

Painter, Côtyne also enjoys tattooing, which she considers as a work of art on the skin. When she tattoos, as when she paints, she pays careful attention to details and make sure to satisfy the desires of her client.

It usually starts with an initial consultation to discuss your tattoo project. This is an opportunity to talk about your tastes and to provide reference images, if any. You also get a price and time quote. Following this first meeting, the artist makes a sketch, then come the appointment of your first tattoo session (for more information, see the FAQ).

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Cover up

Do you have an old tattoo that you are trying to get rid of by having it covered? No problem, Côtyne can take care of this kind of tattoo project.

A cover up is not a regular tattoo; creativity and accuracy is needed tocover an old tattoo effectively and naturally by replacing it with a tattoo that you will never get tired of. It is therefore a custom project (see above), with the purpose of covering up an existing tattoo.

The steps of a cover up are similar to those of a new tattoo. Côtyne starts from your tattoo idea to create a unique design, suggesting styles, backgrounds and original ways to support your design, while considering the shape of your body and the old tattoo to cover.

Cover up

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Tattoo enhancement

Rehaussement de tatouage

As time flies, even the best tattoos will fade and slightly lose its color. This is normal, but of course, it could only be worse if the ink used during your tattoo session was of poor quality. In any case, it is possible to restore radiance to your tattoo by opting for a tattoo enhancement.

This service is offered at the Côtyne tattoo parlor, in Thetford, in the province of Quebec. This technique consists of re-outlining your tattoo with new ink and thus revive the colors. Tattoo enhancement can be done on both, monochromeand polychrome tattoo.


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Looking for a good tattoo parlor in Thetford, Quebec? Côtyne is the tattoo artist for you! As a painter, she completely masters the art of drawing, and thanks to her training in tattooing, this practice no longer holds any secrets for her. For more information, please call (418) 755-0290 or fill out the form on the contact page.

Note that Côtyne also create custom paintings , particularly portraits. To see her artwork or to place an order, go to Côtyne Painter Artist page.