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Your painting workshop and tattoo parlor in Thetford, Quebec

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Your painting workshop and tattoo parlor in Thetford, Quebec


Master of Fine Arts obtained in 2015, Côtyne is a world-famous portrait painter.

A tattoo artist for 3 years, she works in Thetford under the names of Côtyne Tattoo and Côtyne Painter Artist, for clients from all over the province of Quebec.

So, if you want a unique tattoo or a custom painting, contact Côtyne!

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Côtyne is a native of Amqui, a town located in the Matapédia Valley, at the gateway of Gaspésie, in the province of Quebec (Canada). From a very young age she is fascinated by the field of arts,drawing, sketching, designing, both at school and at home.
The look of a father, gifted with skillful hands when it comes to drawing, offered her the opening of the dimension and depth seen by the observer, as well as the patience and perseverance of the artist. Self-taught, she experienced in the early years with several mediums such as charcoal, pastel, ink, and oil. She later gave them up for acrylics, a medium that she works with using her fingers or fine brushes.
Côtyne has a personal vision of painting. She draws her inspiration from the deep soul of the human, namely : the purity and innocence of childhood – the conflictual spiral of young adults – the sensuality of couples – the depth of a look – prejudices – the feelings… the emotions – the life… the air we breathe… the impalpable. For her, this way of thinking explains the presence of characters in the majority of her creations. In a few words… give life to the characters, offer them a soul and the realistic expression of existing.
Master in Fine Arts since 2015, she was also Ambassador for Quebec at the 2016 World Academia Art, while being Associate of the European Institute of Contemporary Arts as well as the Grand Academician of the International Academies Greci-Marino and Del-Verbano. World-famous, she is represented in galleries in France and Canada.
Always attracted by the tattoo industry, which she considers as a work of art on the skin, she obtained in 2016 several tattoo certifications. Since then, she offers her services in Theford, in her tattoo parlor.

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Word from the artist


« I quickly understood how much the painting, the colors and the characters that animate my canvas are part of a whole in my life.
I like to share these moments of dazzle, liberation and pleasure with the people around me and those who are discovering me.
I wish that the spectators can take a pause, and take a moment to contemplate and/or to daydream at the sight of my works. Some will find memories and more special moments, a heartbeat, a tear or a smile.
As you feel like having locked eyes with my characters… at this moment, I will have offered the realism sought to them! »

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