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An internationally renowned portrait painter, Côtyne is a Master of Fine Arts, with her own painting workshop in Thetford.

Her portraits are sold to people from all over the province of Quebec. Order one for yourself and for your loved ones to immortalize the moment and pass on the good memories to future generations.

Note that Côtyne can also make portraits for businesses, to represent a team or the leader of a company.

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Artistic approach

Démarche artistique

Through direct contact with the colors and voluptuousness of the movement, we find, in each of the Côtyne’s artwork, different textures colors and voluptuousness of the movement, we find, in each of the Côtyne’s artwork, different textures based on the inspiration of the moment. Her technique of painting with the fingers expresses her need to touch the medium and the canvas, just like a sculptor who forges the features of his subject by using the sense of touch.

who forges the features of

She works flat on her work surface and uses the medium of texture more or less diluted depending on the movement of her hand and the desired effect. With several thin layers of acrylic of different colors alternating with periods of drying, the artwork gradually takes shape. She
chooses colors based on her feelings as .

she observes her subject. That’s why she calls them “the colors of the soul”.

Indeed, the artist confirms her Indeed, the artist confirms her and, of course, for the human emotion that emerges from them.

Each moment in the workshop is an intimate search through contact work with the fingers and the medium, bringing out the colorful features of different subjects.

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Order a painting

Before ordering a portrait, it’s important Before ordering a portrait, it’s important of what you want. Think about the desired background (uniform, landscape, detailed scene, building, office, abstract or other) and any desired changes (clothing, hairstyle, glasses, etc).

From several photosCôtyne creates a new image of the subject, with all the improvements requested by the buyer. Either through aphoto session, or from approximately 1 to 5 photographs brought by the client and made available to the artist for reference purpose (high quality and free of copyright).

As her technique is unique, it is necessary to come up with a reasonable timeframe for the creation of the design. As a reminder, on a flat worktop, she paints with her fingers with a medium that is more or less liquid, following the movement of the desired hand. Drying periods are required during the creation process. As a finishing step, depending on the format of the canvas, she works on the details with a fine brush.

You can choose to give the artist complete freedom to paint the subject according to her inspiration and her experience, using the colors of her choice.

Formulaire de commande de tableau

Know that it is possible to have both characters from the past and presentin the same painting, or to have characters from different photographic references on the same work (grouped life scene with a background chosen by the client and adjustment of light and shadows for a realistic and natural result).

To place an order, download the following form fill it in and send it by email to cotyne@hotmail.ca

Note that an authenticity certificate along with the artist’s personal seal is placed on the back of each work and that a personal record is kept by the artist, that includes the relevant information of the piece of art and its follow-up.

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Order a reproduction

Do you like one of the authentic works of Côtyne and you want to order a reproduction? It’s possible! Indicate which painting that you are interested inand she can create an exact copy of it.

However, note that her reproductions are availablein a limited quantity. Each one is carefully numbered and signed by the artist. Check out the rates below (prices do not include the framing and the shipping fees) and place an order by filling out the form on the contact page.

Discover her work on the achievements page


Award-winning artworks

Events to come

  • Permanent exhibitions :
    • Atelier — Galerie d’art CÔTYNE — L’espace Côtyne TATTOO, Thetford Mines (Québec) Canada
  • Virtual exhibitions :
    • Mondial Art Academia
    • Académie Intern. des Beaux-Arts du Québec (Canada)
    • Drouot Cotation (Paris-France)


Press review

Matériel de peinture

Contact Côtyne Painter Artist

Do you want a painting done by a professional painter? Côtyne is the artist for you! Master in Fine Arts obtained in2015, she has been painting for almost 50 years, with an original technique. Creative and talented, she has her own painting studio in Thetford. This is where she will make the portrait you want. For more information, call (418) 755-0290 or fill out the form on the contact page.

Note that she also tattoos. Check out Côtyne Tattoo page for more information.